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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A designed baby

I think genetic engineering is not ethical because babies should be respected for themselves. If parents custom-design their babies, they may ignore their babies'opinion before their birth. Babies later on might not be happy because they were custom-designed. Ethically, we should respect every human being's rights. So genetic engineering is not right ethically. It is an invasion of human rights. I definitely think we should not genetically engineer human beings.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

My friends' opinions

I asked my roomate what she thought of the death penalty. She was against it because she thought a conviction might be wrong. She said we should be careful about the death penalty. She said if we executed a murderder and it turned out he was innocent, we couldn't bring him back to life. I also interviewed a friend from my dorm, and he also told me that he thought the death penalty was wrong. He said nobody has the right to kill somebody, and we should give a criminal an opportunity to reflect on his crime and live a new life.

The death penalty

As far as I am concerned, the death penalty is wrong. The first reason is nobody has the right to take someone's life. Killing the murderers definitely becomes murder itself,and murderers need to repent their crimes. They can start to lead new lives. through repentance. The third reason is the judgment could be wrong. If it turns out the executed man was really innocent, we could no longer do anything. Because the excution has already happened. So I think we should abolish the death penalty.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

An interesting article on obesity

While I was surfing the net to learn about obesity, I found this article:The Obsety Epidemic in Southeastern Pennsylvania It's a study on obesity in just one place, but obesety is a problem worldwide. It's important to prevent obesity, so I think everyone should read this article to find out what causes it and how people can fight it.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Effect of English on Korean culture

English has influenced Korean culture. Especailly, most Korean women use cosmetics these days. They want to be beautiful so they use many cosmetics. Most words for talking about cosmetics today come from English, including the words eye shadow, mascara, lotion, skin and powder. Many Korean women want to make themselves up, and are using these Engilsh words more and more. Words to talk about the Internet also came from Engish. We can't help using the Internet, so we naturally have been influenced by the Internet. Here are some examples of technical wores we use:E-mail, computer, messenger and file. Those are all of English. Most Korean people use the Internet, so we use these words.


A brother and a sister became the moon and the sun.

M : Mother
B : Brother
S : Sister
T : Tiger

A long time ago, there lived a mother and her two children. One day the mother was far away for work.

M : Mommy will go to work.
B : Bye mom.
The mother was coming back home. Mom did not know that a tiger was following.
There, the tiger appeared!
T : Hello! You know, I’m very hungry. I will eat you.
M : Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~.
So, he ate the mother.
The tiger killed the mother and went to the house. And he pretended to be children’s mother.
T : Children, I’m home. Open the door.
S : Mommy.
B : Wait! It’s not her voice, we should check.
B : That’s a tiger. Ohoo, my eyes.
The children realized that it was a tiger so they ran away.

B : We must run away!
They climbed to top of the tree. The tiger kept searching.
T : Where are they?
And the tiger saw their shadow on the pond.
T : Huhuhu… there you are. How did you go up there?
S : How? Use the a…
B : Put oil on your foot.
T : Oh~yeah?? I’ll be right back kids~!!
T : I can’t go up there. What’s wrong?

The girl thought the tiger was so funny so she told him how to climb.

S : Hahaha you fool! Use the axs!
T : Oh! That’s right. Thank you.

The tiger started climbing.
S : Oh I’m sorry. What should we do!
B : God! Please help. Give us rope if you want to save us.
The children prayed and the rope came down. They went up to the sky. When the tiger saw that the children climbing to the rope he also prayed.
T : God! One more rope please! Hahaha…Thank you!
The tiger went up to the sky. But, actually the tiger’s rope was a frayed rope. The bad tiger fall on the ground and died.
Finally, the sister became the sun to light the day and the brother became the moon to light the dark. So they lived happily ever after.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Internet

The Internet makes my life global. I usually search information on the Internet.
Many people want to find information on the Internet. We can communicate with many diverse foreigners,and we can make many friends. And we can also learn about different countries' cultures. We can easily contact someone on the Internet whenever we want to contact that person. We can exchange opinions and understand other people more easily. We can chat with our friends who live in a distant location. So that makes our relationship stronger. We can even talk about something with foreigners from all over the globe.