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Sunday, June 13, 2004


A brother and a sister became the moon and the sun.

M : Mother
B : Brother
S : Sister
T : Tiger

A long time ago, there lived a mother and her two children. One day the mother was far away for work.

M : Mommy will go to work.
B : Bye mom.
The mother was coming back home. Mom did not know that a tiger was following.
There, the tiger appeared!
T : Hello! You know, I’m very hungry. I will eat you.
M : Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~.
So, he ate the mother.
The tiger killed the mother and went to the house. And he pretended to be children’s mother.
T : Children, I’m home. Open the door.
S : Mommy.
B : Wait! It’s not her voice, we should check.
B : That’s a tiger. Ohoo, my eyes.
The children realized that it was a tiger so they ran away.

B : We must run away!
They climbed to top of the tree. The tiger kept searching.
T : Where are they?
And the tiger saw their shadow on the pond.
T : Huhuhu… there you are. How did you go up there?
S : How? Use the a…
B : Put oil on your foot.
T : Oh~yeah?? I’ll be right back kids~!!
T : I can’t go up there. What’s wrong?

The girl thought the tiger was so funny so she told him how to climb.

S : Hahaha you fool! Use the axs!
T : Oh! That’s right. Thank you.

The tiger started climbing.
S : Oh I’m sorry. What should we do!
B : God! Please help. Give us rope if you want to save us.
The children prayed and the rope came down. They went up to the sky. When the tiger saw that the children climbing to the rope he also prayed.
T : God! One more rope please! Hahaha…Thank you!
The tiger went up to the sky. But, actually the tiger’s rope was a frayed rope. The bad tiger fall on the ground and died.
Finally, the sister became the sun to light the day and the brother became the moon to light the dark. So they lived happily ever after.


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