The Global World

Sunday, July 25, 2004

My thoughts on how babies are named in my country

Parents usually choose their babies' names themselves in my country. This custom has existed for a very long time. However, I don't agree with that because babies have rights as human beings. If they give their babies names, they will take their rights away. Ethically, it would be wrong. Of course, babies can not make their names themselves when they are young. However, when they are grown up, they can change their names. However, our country  has a very    sophisticated process for people change their names. It should simplify the process because someone who was given an unusual name by their parents could suffer from having that name. We will always have our names. If parents give their child a name he doesn't like, he might feel bad. He might hate his name, and it might annoy him as long as he lives. As a result, he would probably live a miserable life and might blame his parents. So, I think our country should simplify the naming institution. 

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Television Commercials

When I was young, I was influenced by television commercials. They enticed me to buy things. Television commercials made me want products. For example, there were dolls, toys, clothes, and many kinds of snacks. My parents were willing to buy them for me because they loved me very much. I was dazed by television commercials, so I used to buy unnecessary stuff. Once I even bought something I was likely to be bored with, immediately. At that time, I couldn't judge the right reasons to buy things, and I made impulsive purchases. As far as I am concerned, parents should teach their children not to buy unnecessary stuff.